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In this special edition of Inside PR, Terry continues his series of discussions with fellow PR agency presidents.  This week he spends just over 20 minutes in conversation with Trevor Campbell, President of Porter Novelli Canada, the Canadian arm of the large multinational agency.  Terry and Trevor tackle a variety of questions commonly posed by PR students or those looking to break into public relations.  The discussion unfolded as follows:

 1:00    The Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms
 2:40    Trevor’s background and how he found himself in PR
 4:40    Going client-side or agency
 9:45    Generalist versus specialist
11:15   What agencies are looking for when hiring
15:00   Advice on approaching agencies
20:13   Big agency versus small agency
22:47   Wrap-up

Background on Trevor Campbell

As president of Porter Novelli Canada, Trevor is responsible for directing and leading the agency and managing its growth. His public relations success includes working in the financial services, technology, consumer, entertainment, and not-for-profit sectors where he has built corporate brands and managed reputations for ATI, Celestica and CIBC. Trevor has also delivered integrated marketing programs for Bell Canada and Hewlett-Packard, and boasts expertise in corporate communications and marketing communications via direct-to-business and direct-to-consumer events and programs.

Opening and closing music by Alamantra on the Podsafe Music Network. As always, Roger Dey is our voice-over guru.  

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