Well, we had a quite the adventure recording IPR #7 this weekend. Normally we record late on Friday nights and this week was no exception. But for some reason the Skype phantoms were in a foul mood and the sound quality was just not up to our listeners’ exacting standards. So we packed it in and tried it again on Saturday night. I won’t go into the painful details, but after actually doing the show twice on Saturday, but failing each time to get a complete recording, courtesy of low batteries in our trusty iRiver digital recorder, we once again shut down for the night. Finally, Sunday night we made it happen. Everything worked… on the fourth try. It’s been quite a long weekend.

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Show Notes:

00:30 Terry opens the show

1:00 Dave notes that we recorded over Skype again from two separate locations. He also announces that six weeks after launching IPR, we’ve surpassed 100 subscribers according to Libsyn.

04:48 Dave and Terry discuss C.C. Chapman‘s new marketing podcast, Managing the Gray, and plans for the first Inside PR-Managing the Gray mashup to be recorded when Terry and C.C. are together in Kingston for the Podcasters Across Borders conference June 23-24.

8:10 Dave talks about Student PR blogger Chris Clarke and Terry announces that Thornley Fallis has hired Chris as an Account Coordinator starting on June 5th. Dave mentions that Joe Thornley has blogged about it on ProPR. Congrats Chris!

12:12 Dave notes that he’ll be speaking at the Toronto mesh conference on Tuesday, May 16th.

13:42 Dave apologizes for not being able to interview Stuart MacDonald from mesh for this week’s show

14:34 Terry reveals that he is the volunteer podcast host and producer of the Michael Ignatieff Leadership Podcast in support of Michael’s bid for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada.

16:33 Terry announces that on Thursday, May 18th, another Inside PR Special Edition will be posted in which Terry and living PR legend Pat Gossage, founder and President of Media Profile discuss political communications.

18:00 Dave introduces a discussion about a Thornley Fallis blogger outreach effort that paid off in a May 11th post on the Blue Blogging Soapbox. Terry and Dave discuss the benefits of being an active player in social media when pitching bloggers.

25:08 Terry opens a discussion about PR and Post-Secondary Education in Canada relative to other countries like the U.S. and the U.K. Dave and Terry discuss the need for business schools to teach more about PR and communications and for more university undergraduate and post-graduate programs in PR.

32:21 Terry wraps up the show and notes he’ll be away until Monday, May 22nd so IPR #8 will likely be posted a day late, on Tuesday, May 23rd.

Intro/extro music: Our theme music is Streetwalker by Cjacks and is from the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.


  1. Good show, guys. Especially interesting was your higher ed PR education discussion.

    The trade aspect is something that certainly is discussed a lot. The goal, of course, is to provide a student with a sound liberal arts and business foundation to build upon after graduation. Extra-curricular activities, like multiple internships and work experiences, are key to a successful program, IMO.

    The truly successful program will involve strong practitioner and business leader participation with the students. This is where I think social media has the greatest potential for PR education. I hope you will encourage that practice in discussions with your fellow PR leaders. I’m thinking – online mentoring.

  2. Wow, nothing like a big old ego stroke to make my morning commute through the cold wet rain a bit more bearable. Thanks for all the kind words and yet another great show.

  3. Terry Author

    Thanks for your comment Robert. Thoughtful as ever. We will sustain this discussion and it will be the better for your contribution.

  4. Terry Author

    You earned it C.C. We’re thrilled to count you among our listeners. Looking forward to our mashup in Kingston at Podcasters Across Borders…

  5. Tim Fisher

    Great show. I have been listening to each show one by one, slowly but surely. I just wanted to pitch Mount Saint Vincent University’s new Masters in Public Relations programs being offered this year. It is certainly a step towards raising the profile of our industry. http://www.msvu.ca/programs/MPR-MA.asp

    Thanks for the advice, and good luck for all your future shows.

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