This week, Terry and David lament IPR #38, a low-energy snoozecast, and pledge to pick it up here in #39.  Terry and Dave talk about government relations as a sub-discipline of PR.  Chris Clarke is enjoying a holiday break this week in his hometown of Timmins, Ontario but will return with his regulary commentary in IPR #40 or #41.  Terry closes the show with this week’s segment of Inside PRoper English.

Show Notes

00:30  David opens the show and educates Terry on which countries observe “boxing Day.”  He invites listener feedback through email at [email protected], the comment line at 206-600-4741, or comment on the Inside PR show blog.

02:08  Terry and David discuss how slow IPR #38 seemed.

03:25  Terry notes that there were no formal comments this week although David reports on a Sype chat he had with Bryan Person of the New Comm Road podcast.

04:08  Terry reports on the lunch David and he had with our northern-most listener Francis Wooby from Iqualiut, Nunavut.

07:30  Terry notes that he will be away for a week but hopes not to miss a show by pre-recording IPR #40.

09:12  Terry introduces the major topic of discussion this week, government relations and how it fits into public relations.

11:00  Terry takes issue with term “lobbying” and then talks about the “old school” and the “new school” of government relations.

13:38  David talks about how Fleishman Hillard is set up to handle government relations and government communications.  Terry agrees and notes how Thornley Fallis approaches this issue.

17:05  Terry and David talk about how separate and distinct GR and in some cases IR are within PR.

20:20  Terry and Dave discuss how important it is for organizations to build informed and constructive relationships with government when there are no burning issues on the agenda. 

23:57  Terry and Dave examine the need to build relationships with the unelected civil servants and not just with the Minister or other elected politicians.

27:22  Terry invites listener feedback on the GR discussion.

28:03  Terry presents Inside PRoper English for this week:  “unique”

29:58  Terry closes out the show and invites listener comments: through email at [email protected], on the comment line at 206-600-4741, or comment on the Inside PR show blog. Also, they welcomes listeners to the Inside PR Blubrry site.

Music: our theme music is Streetwalker by CJacks, and is from the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.


  1. Do my ears deceive me? An episode of Inside PR without Chris Clarke commenting and producing? Blasphemy!

    I actually haven’t listened, but I will be sure to on my trek back to Toronto in a few short hours. I’ll say it anyway, though: great show, guys!

  2. Jeanne Hotchkiss

    In re: Show #39 and the discussion on whether GR should be considered part of PR rather than a separate discipline… I think the bigger issue is for PR to actively reach out within their organizations to form solid, collaborative relationships — with HR, IT, Marketing, Customer Service, etc. Serving organizations and their internal and extermal PR needs today requires this kind of perspective.

  3. Actually, I didn’t find Inside PR 38 all that soporific. For me as a non-PR professional, the 12 days theme was interesting. But maybe if y’all recorded at a more civilized hour of the day, you’d be more energetic and focused. I can’t even manage to be conscious late at night, never mind alert.

  4. Better late than never, folks. From the perspective of a government communicator, there is very little separation between GR and PR. There’s a conscious distinction between the political and policy aspects of GR/PR (a distinction probably only understood by “inside the beltway” folks), but the links are evident – and force communicators to pay more attention to softer corporate issues like CSR, community relations, stakeholder interests and others that might be lost in an out-of-the-box PR program..

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