This week on Inside PR, Terry and David discuss the art of presentations. Also, they welcome audio comments from Mitch Joel and Michael O’Connor Clarke. Chris Clarke returns with a contribution this week. Finally, Terry does his segment of Inside PRoper English.

Show Notes

00:29 David introduces the show. He invites listener feedback through email at [email protected], the comment line at 206-600-4741, or comment on the Inside PR show blog.

01:15 Terry and David talk about why this is the second take of Inside PR #42.

02:19 David introduces Terry’s novel, The Best Laid Plans. Terry explains that listeners of Inside PR will be glad to know that he is podcasting the book, or turning it into an audiobook if you will. You can find the podcast blog at www.terryfallis.com or on iTunes.

05:37 Terry talks about the upcoming Third Tuesday gathering in Toronto. He mentions that Paull Young will be making an appearance and Mark Evans will be the guest speaker.

07:30 David introduces a comment from Michael O’Connor Clarke.

10:40 Terry talks about a comment Bryan Person left on the blogpage about Inside PRoper English.

12:11 David introduces a comment from Mitch Joel on presentation skills.

14:30 Terry thanks Mitch for his comment because it leads into this week’s topic of discussion: presentation skills.

15:00 Terry starts off this week’s topic of conversation on presentation skills. In tribute to Mitch, this week Terry and David will talk about six preparation for presentations tips.

15:55 Terry offers his first tip: know your audience. He thinks too many presenters neglect the audience and either talks above or below their level of knowledge of the presentation material.

17:07 Terry says to build your presentation around your key messages. He thinks the wrong way to develop a presentation is to do it chronologically. Terry likes to talk about the key messages at the beginning and bring the audience back to them at the end. David adds that presenters should know what they want to accomplish, perhaps that they came off as intelligent and articulate.

19:33 Terry says: Slides are there to support you, not supplant you. One of the principal characteristics of bad presentations is bad slides. Some presenters will read the slides, which makes for a terrible presentation. David says that some people use the slide as the script, the leave-behind, and presentation support. He says that it can’t possibly be all three.

23:30 Terry adds that presenters shouldn’t break eye contact with the audience for an extended period of time. Turning one’s back to the audience is a no-no.

24:15 Terry thinks it’s best to use illustrative examples to bring the presentation to life and put a human face on it. David thinks that using examples that the audience can relate to will make the information stick with the audience.

26:44 Prepare for the question and answer period. Few presentations come without questions afterwards, so try to anticipate what questions the audience may ask and prepare potential answers. David says to always save time for the Q&A budgeted into the presentation time.

29:05 Terry’s final point: anxiety is your friend. If you find yourself going into a presentation totally relaxed, you probably won’t be as engaging as if you were somewhat excited. David has found that over his many years in PR, he has gone from arriving at his presentation not wanting to do it to arriving at his presentation wanting to do a great job.

30:51 Terry sums up his six points of presentations. David adds one more tip for presentations: he tries to anticipate what his competition might present in a new business presentation and out-do the competition.

33:20 David introduces Chris Clarke’s commentary this week.

36:27 Inside PRoper English: at this point in time.

37:38 Terry closes the show and invites listener comments: through email at [email protected], on the comment line at 206-600-4741, or comment on the Inside PR show blog. Also, they welcomes listeners to the Inside PR Blubrry site.

Music: our theme music is Streetwalker by CJacks, and is from the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.

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