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This week on Inside PR, Dave and Terry come up with 6 reasons why agencies should do pro bono work. They also welcome comments from Tom Reed, Dave Delaney, Bernie Goldbach, and Bob Crawshaw.

Show Notes

00:35 Terry introduces the show. Dave talks about Test the Nation. Visit Test the Nation.

04:58 Email comment from Tom Reidt re: Christmas edition Inside PR podcast.

06:04 Comment from Dave Delaney re: Christmas edition Inside PR podcast.

13:32 A comment from Bernie Goldbach re: Inside PRoper English and the importance of localizing words.

15:33 Email comment from Bob Crawshaw of Maine Street Marketing, in Canberra Australia, about pro bono work.

19:21 Terry introduces this weeks topic: 6 reasons why agencies should do pro bono work.

27:39 Inside PRoper English: semiannual vs. biannual vs. biennial.

29:30 Dave signs off with all pertinent details. Fans of Inside PR on Facebook click here to join.

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  1. Terry and David,

    I have enjoyed your comments on the Santa / Coca-Cola history. I have one thing to add regarding Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Rudolph actually did have a commercial origin. He was a creation of Montgomery Ward in Chicago in the 1930s and was featured in the retailer’s marketing and giveaways. This preceeded the song, cartoons, and TV specials.

    Thanks for a great show,
    Jack Monson
    Associated Press Planner / eNR Services

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I was really surprised, I feel like a bit of a celebrity now. As a side note, there’s a typo with my last name in the show notes, but you pronounced it correctly in the show which I appreciate. You’d be surprised how many different ways I’ve heard my name pronounced.

    For the record, that IS exactly how I said “Great Show!”

    Thanks again

  3. Bernie is so right about context. I come from “a breeding nest of lawyers” (to quote my mother-in-law), and from that perspective, you never want anything to be “actionable.” It still bothers me when I hear marketers talking about “actionable ideas.” (Not as badly as when I hear people say “learnings,” though.)

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