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This week on Inside PR, Terry and Dave continue the discussion on measurement and public relations and stakeholder relations in particular. 

Show Notes

00:30 Terry introduces the show.

00:58 Podcamp Toronto Promo.

03:38 The Blogger Team WON Test the Nation, but Dave isn’t completely satisfied with his score.

06:00 A thank you to Michael Netzley and Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with sketch) for their scholarly debate about Aristotle in the comments section of last week’s podcast on the Inside PR show blog.

07:27 A comment from Doug Haslam about measurement.

13:28 Another perspective on measurement in a comment from Alan Chumley.

18:39 Terry and David revisit measurement and stakeholder relations.

27:38 Inside PRoper English suggestion sent in via audio comment from Jay Moonah: ‘everyday’ vs ‘every day’.

30:53 Dave wraps up the show.


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  1. Great show and comments on measuring the success of stakeholder management.

    You can also meaure the impact through media analysis of the frequency, what, how and when your stakeholders are speaking about your issue through the media.

    Cheers and really enjoyed the podcast on pro bono PR…thanks for picking up the issue.

  2. @ bob,

    Potential to impact yes, but not actual impact, unless you test for it.

    But agreed, looking for critic, analyst, stakeholder voices in media converage via media content analysis is critical.

    Also important, I think, is to look at the inter-relationships and interconnectedness between stakeholders and groups via methods like social networking analysis:


    …and not just as a snapshot in time but looking at trends over time.

  3. Amy Cole

    Great discussion … lots to think about. Good point about “believing in it” as a way to motivate folks to incorporate stakeholder measurement into programmes. Think MRP is a great example of that process …

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