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This week on Inside PR, Terry and David take a cue from Michael Netzley’s comment and discuss what Cicero meant by ‘eloquence’.

Show Notes

00:30 Dave introduces the show.

00:55 Podcamp Toronto 2008 promo.

02:38 Audio comment from Deborah Zanke from Message Communications on measurement.

06:27 Terry and Dave receive a comment on their blog from Bob Crawshaw.

07:21 Michael Allison sent Dave a Twitter message to ask what he and Terry think about the effects that a downturn in the US economy might have on the practice of public relations.

11:03 Dave announces some breaking news.

13:08 Alan Fryer from CTV and W-5 sends in an audio comment about his move to the Dark Side.

15:39 Michael Netzley sends in the latest installment of Communications Through the Ages: Cicero.

20:51 Dave and Terry discuss Cicero and ‘eloquence’ as their main topic of discussion.

27:42 Inside PRoper English: Josh Turner calls in to ask about Terry and Dave’s least favourite business jargon. Terry still dislikes ‘impactful’.

32:03 Terry signs off.

Music: our theme music is Streetwalker by CJacks, and is from the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.


  1. @ Deborah,

    Absolutely spot on when you say that just because client don’t ask for measurement that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t offer it up. Totally agree.

    And, you’re bang on when you point out that it really starts with measurable objectives. If you don’t–so goes my cheesey saying–it’s like driving a car with no GPS, no speedometre, and no gas guage. Sure you can move but you’ll get into trouble at some point.

    And, if we think about measurement before we put pen to planning paper, then we can build in / on some tactics that can help us arrive at some metrics. Even low-end, cost-effective metrics.


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