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This week on Inside PR, Dave goes deep and behind-the-scenes with Melanie Kurzuk from CNW (Canada News Wire).

Show Notes

00:25 Terry introduces the show.

01:14 Terry talks about the new GM Green by Design podcast.

02:18 Dave announces that he has a new podcast called Shill co-produced that he co-produces with Doug Walker.

04:08 Dave and Terry discuss their plans for the 100th episode of Inside PR.

07:30 Tom Reidt writes in with a comment.

09:30 Megan Ramsay also writes in about her experience finding a PR job.

12:44 Mike Keliher writes to ask that Terry and Dave keep Inside PRoper English on the show.

13:59 Dave introduces this week’s special interview with Melanie Kurzuk from CNW. She’s Senior Vice President of CNW’s News and Information Technology Divison.

36:18 Dave and Melanie talk about Social Media Releases.

41:44 A mystery listener writes in to comment on last week’s Inside PRoper English segment.

45:00 Inside PRoper English: all together vs. altogether.

48:50 Dave signs off.


  1. Hi Dave and Terry,

    I struggled with the old “no experience no job/no job no experience” paradox for 2 years after finishing my bachelor’s degree, though I haven’t always known that PR was the path I would follow. So I’m another voice to back up Megan’s. That said, I agree that 9 months at a job would probably teach me most of what I learned in school.

    Some of the things that I might not have been exposed to the ideas of where PR comes from, and where it’s going (like the social media frontier).

    I actually began my undergrad in engineering at McMaster before transferring to a B.Sc. program in my third year. I’d be curious to hear your story, Terry, about how you got on the PR trail. I’m sure you’re tired of answering this question by now.

  2. Terry is absolutely right about e.g. and i.e. No Roman would say “in exemplo” or “in exemplum” in the way that we use “i.e.”

    With regard to retooling the show: you guys could take a short break. Wiggly Wigglers is taking month-long holiday between its first 121 episodes and its next 121 episodes. I’d miss you, but it would give you time to brainstorm and test out some new ideas.

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