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This week on Inside PR, Terry and Dave celebrate their 100th episode in front of a live audience of corporate communications students at ‘Centennial College‘. Get it? Centennial?

Show Notes

00:40 Terry introduces Inside PR’s special 100th episode live at Centennial College.

01:05 Terry apologizes for the sound quality last week.

02:09 Jon Hoel from PR Junction and his friend Kurt send in a shout-out to Inside PR.

05:20 Michelle Sullivan calls in with a comment about the launch of Third Tuesday Montreal.

08:08 Terry and Dave remind listeners that Chris Clarke sent in the Inside PR Blooper Reel and to keep an eye out for it on iTunes (pretty funny).

09:13 Dave talks about why they’re at Centennial College to mark the occasion and thanks Gary Schlee for coming up with the idea.

11:27 ‘Bonnie’ has a question about the relevancy of social media to the budding PR practitioner.

18:50 Paul Jenkins asks Terry and David about practical applications and case studies of social media initiatives being successful for organizations.

25:08 ‘Sarah’ asks a question about the challenges PR graduates will face on their first job.

31:14 ‘Shannon from semester 2’ asks about how to find a job.

35:12 Joe Chawla asks about the ‘ideal’ level of engagement that students and PR practitioners should have with new social media tools.

38:57 Kristen Zemlak asks about how transparency in social media is affecting ethics in public relations.

42:50 Rick Weiss asks about how to recover your brand and reputation once you’ve blown it in the blogosphere.

48:15 Inside PRoper English – ‘uninterested’ vs. ‘disinterested’.

49:45 Terry thanks the audience and Gary Schlee and signs off.


  1. You couldn’t use a photo that featured more than the back of my head? Well, at least we can’t really see Terry’s bald spot…unless he’s better at Photoshop than I suspect.

  2. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your 100th podcast. It was an honour to be included in this milestone event.

    When I asked the first question, I promised to share my blog in the comments section. So here it is:


    Comments, feedback, kudos are accepted. But be gentle – it is my first blog.

  3. Note to self : stop calling into podcasts while driving. Might actually be able to concentrate long enough to cut down on the number of
    ‘uh-s’ ….

    Congratulations again Terry & Dave!

  4. Congratulations on 100 shows. I have only started listening recently. I listen to quite a few podcasts (around 100) so I add new shows reluctantly as it probably means I need to stop listening to some other show.

    By day I work as the EVP of Engineering and Operations at a Silicon Valley company that builds and runs Internet communities for Fortune 500 companies so I went out recently looking for podcasts related to marketing and found yours and a couple of others that I like.

    As a podcaster / blogger by night and building communities by day I live in the social media echo chamber so I really appreciated Paul Jenkins question. A number of the podcasts that I sampled seemed like they were talking about to the bubble to people in the bubble. That was not what I was looking for. Thanks for being different.

    Chris Christensen
    Amateur Traveler podcast – http://AmateurTraveler.com
    Tripinator – Travel 2.0 – http://tripinator.com

  5. Hi! Thanks for fixing my name 😀

    I just read Dave’s comment on Kristen Zemlak’s blog and thought to myself… I only started listened to your podcast in November, and only started listening every week since I bought my first iPod in January. I’ve heard a lot of discussion between Terry and Dave based on comments, but wondering if you’ve had any guests on the show in the past?

    Are you considering inviting guests into your discussion in upcoming shows?

  6. Hearty congratulations on this 100th episode, gents. Getting to 100 is an achievement in itself, I guess, but then it’s just a number. The real achievement and congratulations are due for making this particular episode such a terrific show. I love the idea of you guys doing this in front of an audience and taking direct Q&A like that – just the kick in the format the thing needed. I can even (almost) forgive Terry for calling me “English”. Full marks also for strategic deployment of the word “wankfest”. Good luck with that Clean tag on iTunes.

  7. I am a Centennial College Corporate Communications and PR student, and I really enjoyed the podcast you did on campus last week. When I just started studying PR, a lot of people would ask me what exactly PR was. I find it interesting that then and even now there is a lot of confusion about what PR people do. Considering all the different areas PR involves, such as event planning, media relations, employee relations and now social media, do you think that PR has lost its limits? Because of the many areas it covers, has the vocation of Public Relations lost its definite meaning?

  8. MOCC…I think “wank,” like it’s cousin “fanny,” are lost on American censors. Nevertheless, I’m waiting on a call from Tipper Gore.

  9. Diana Hodges

    Hi Terry & Dave,

    Congratulations on your 100th podcast. I’ve been a listener since around episode 60, and really enjoy your podcasts. Keep up the good work!

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