Inside PR #194 – Wednesday, March 3, 2010


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This week on Inside PR, TerryDaveMartin and Cheryl Breen are live at Podcamp Toronto!

01:03 Terry opens the show and we hear a female voice- Cheryl Breen from Coming Up PR is co-hosting the show!

01:28 Dave recaps his -30- segment from last week regarding the relationship between PR people and bloggers.

08:53 Cheryl gives her thoughts on blogger relations and  social media from a student perspective.

11:30 Terry asks Gary Shlee for his perspective on the conversation.

15:50 Dave asks Keith McArthur for his take on blogger relations from the client side.

20:26 Katie Boland asks a question.

24:54 Jonathan of TO Tech asks a question.

27:37 Dave closes the show.

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This week’s episode was produced by Sarah Laister.

Inside PR #134 – Wednesday, October 22, 2008


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This week on Inside PR David Jones and Martin Waxman discuss how to go about obtaining media and/or PR publicity as a small business.

Show Notes

00:26 Martin opens the show.

01:29 Martin mentions that Talk is Cheap, Centennial College‘s unconference is back in Toronto on November 12 and Inside PR will be recording a show at the conference in front of an audience.

02:31 Dave mentions Gary Schlee, who used to run the Talk is Cheap program.

07:53 Dave discusses the wiki he set up:

08:05 Dave mentions Peter Kim and his blog, with a list of (originally) 234 social media marketing examples and how it gave him the idea for his wiki.

09:39 Dave mentions people such as Maggie Fox at Social Media Group and Kate Trgovac who have provided social media marketing examples and links in the right way.

11:00 Martin talks to blogger relations.

11:16 Dave talks to blogger relations.

13:16 Dave gives a hat tip to Peter Kim and Dave Fleet. Dave started the Social Media Training Wiki on Wet Paint last year.

14:10 Martin introduces the show topic: How to go about obtaining media and/or PR publicity as a small business.

15:55 Dave mentions that you have to ask yourself if you are “F.B.O.” (the First, Best or Only). You have to ask yourself what your story is and how you are unique.

20:20 Martin discusses how to reach the people you want to reach (such as media people).

24:46 Dave discusses having modest expectations.

26:49 Dave mentions Mabel’s Labels, a company started by two women, that makes very durable labels for kids clothes, and how their mention on The View created word-of-mouth popularity for them.

28:10 Martin talks about trends.

30:17 Dave mentions the CBC show Dragon’s Den, where people come in and pitch their business ideas to potential investors.

31:45 Dave discusses another good idea to getting media/PR publicity; getting in touch with someone in the industry.

32:54 Dave summarizes the five ways small business can get publicity for themselves: 1) Figure out what your story is 2) Who do you want to reach? 3) Refine your pitch 4) Have modest expectations 5) Learn and recalibrate.

33: 39 Dave closes the show.

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Inside PR #100 – Tuesday, February 26, 2008


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This week on Inside PR, Terry and Dave celebrate their 100th episode in front of a live audience of corporate communications students at ‘Centennial College‘. Get it? Centennial?

Show Notes

00:40 Terry introduces Inside PR’s special 100th episode live at Centennial College.

01:05 Terry apologizes for the sound quality last week.

02:09 Jon Hoel from PR Junction and his friend Kurt send in a shout-out to Inside PR.

05:20 Michelle Sullivan calls in with a comment about the launch of Third Tuesday Montreal.

08:08 Terry and Dave remind listeners that Chris Clarke sent in the Inside PR Blooper Reel and to keep an eye out for it on iTunes (pretty funny).

09:13 Dave talks about why they’re at Centennial College to mark the occasion and thanks Gary Schlee for coming up with the idea.

11:27 ‘Bonnie’ has a question about the relevancy of social media to the budding PR practitioner.

18:50 Paul Jenkins asks Terry and David about practical applications and case studies of social media initiatives being successful for organizations.

25:08 ‘Sarah’ asks a question about the challenges PR graduates will face on their first job.

31:14 ‘Shannon from semester 2’ asks about how to find a job.

35:12 Joe Chawla asks about the ‘ideal’ level of engagement that students and PR practitioners should have with new social media tools.

38:57 Kristen Zemlak asks about how transparency in social media is affecting ethics in public relations.

42:50 Rick Weiss asks about how to recover your brand and reputation once you’ve blown it in the blogosphere.

48:15 Inside PRoper English – ‘uninterested’ vs. ‘disinterested’.

49:45 Terry thanks the audience and Gary Schlee and signs off.

Audio comment: Gary Schlee on what you think PR grads should know


A big time oops. Long story, but Centennial College PR instructor Gary Schlee‘s comment got left out of IPR 62 this week. We’re including it on the blog if you’d like to have a listen and help him out with the answer to his question:  “If you had a direct influence on public relations education, what would be one or two things you’d want graduates to know or be able to do?”

Gary’s got a post on his blog about how Ontario’s PR educators are getting together for the first time and he plans on bringing up your suggestions when he meets with his colleagues on June 11.