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This week on Inside PR Terry Fallis, David Jones, and Martin Waxman discuss how podcasting fits within the context of public relations.

Show Notes:

00:27 Terry opens the show.

00:57 Terry introduces a comment from Cindy Kroeger about our Twitter discussion from IPR #143.

04:34 Dave introduces the major topic for discussion for the show: podcasting and public relations.

33:20 Terry wraps up the show.

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  1. Hi Terry, Dave and martin

    A recent IPR edition covered PR people and volunteering.

    Below is the approach we taking to community engagement this coming year. This volunteering option was not mentioned on your recent podcast so it may be of interest to our PR colleagues.


    Between February and July 2009 we will be running five PR workshops for local not of profits. There is at no cost to community groups and it’s our bit in helping Canberra volunteers in the tough times ahead.

    The workshops will skill up volunteer groups so they can attract new members, bring in extra funding and increase public awareness of what they do.

    Any registered local not for profit group can attend the free workshops:

    • 28 February 2008: Effective PR planning.
    • 18 April 2009: Making your organisation PR ready.
    • 23 May 2009: Get tongues talking with word of mouth marketing.
    • 27 June 2009: Raising fund through sponsorship.
    • 25 July 2009: FaceTube: Not for profits and new media tools.

    Since 2003 over 110 organisations and hundreds of local volunteers have attended similar sessions. However with the way the economy is this year we have added workshops on attracting sponsors and more information than previously on word of mouth marketing and using Facebook, blogs and other new low cost communications tools.

    We find these workshops provide a valuable service to our community, define the limits on the type and range of pro bono work we get involved in and sometimes lead to paid consultancy work.

    Cheers and good luck for 2009

  2. Hi guys

    I caught your show on the future or should I say the fate of podcasting. I’m pretty reserved about the future. While I enjoy podcasting (especially IPR) I’m the only PR in my 400 strong network who actually listens to the things.

    I recently asked on Twitter “did anyone listening to podcasts these days?”. The silence was deafening. Either my tweets fall on deaf ears or no one is listening. Either the podcast picture does not seem to be too rosy.

    Pity because podcasting is such a great medium and a godsend for radio

  3. Guys,

    Enjoyed listening to the podcast (at last) in the car just now.

    Re the future of podcasting, I think the medium is here to stay but perceptions of it will shift to it being ‘just another radio-type service’. As podcasting is increasingly adopted by familiar faces, like the good old BBC here in the UK (where, with our strangely arctic weather right now, I almost feel as if I’m in Canada) the mystery will drop away. That will surely help. Even my mother subscribes to podcasts to learn Spanish, so that HAS to be encouraging.

    However, I see the answer – if there is one – to successful CORPORATE podcasting as being the same as for successful sponsorship of blogs. They need to realise that podcasting is increasingly an entertainment medium as well as a discursive one (like any radio talk show), so the quality of corporate participation has to improve. If you want to get across your corporate message you have to do it in a more creative and entertaining way, otherwise it just jars. As you said, command and control mentality doesn’t help here. Some corporates will get it, many won’t. Where most could succeed is by applying to podcasting the things they know how to do elsewhere – using intelligent advertising treatments for their sponsorship messages, and giving decent interviews on third-party podcasts.

    Anyway, that’s what struck me behind the wheel.

    Keep up the good work. I wish you a more prosperous New Year than the doom-mongers would have us expect!


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