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This week on Inside PR, MartinGini and Joe start the first show of the fall season with a discussion about various newsworthy and interesting topics.

0:26 Martin opens the show.

2:37 Joe brings up the incident where Air Canada damaged the wheel chair of a young boy and how Air Canada did not respond to it on Twitter. However, they have been making progress with @actoptier.

4:02 Martin shares a listener comment from Sharrilynne  Starkie. She agreed with all the advice Martin, Gini and Joe gave students but wanted to suggest another RSS reader, BlogBridge.

4:38 Martin kicks off the first episode of the fall with several news items and topics of discussion.

5:28 Gini starts off with the first item: Interviewees should always have questions for the interviewer. She suggests checking out John Heaney’s video about how to ask questions in an interview.

8:08 Gini shares the second topic: Should we use time on a plane to work or relax? She references Craig Jarrow’s 8 Ways to get Work Done on a Plane.

10:40 Gini brings up her last topic: Are we having natural conversations?

15:30 Joe shares his three topics. The first is anonymity in comments, inspired by an incident in PEI that led CBC to ban anonymous comments and require commenters to sign up before they can post one.

18:48 Joe shares his second topic: did social media kill RSS? He talks about a Neiman Labs blog post that discusses the debate.

21:20 Joe’s last topic: Does social intent determine if social networking tools succeed or fail? Fred Wilson thinks so.

24:08 Joe adds one last news worthy topic: Cranky Geeks is shutting down.

26:42 Martin jumps in with a few news worthy topics of his own. This first being about BCE’s purchase of CTV.

31:07 Martin shares his last topic: There is a social media learning curve.

32:37 Joe wants to know if you are using the new Twitter, how are you using it?

34:28 Martin closes the show.

Our theme music was created by Damon de SzegheoRoger Dey is our announcer.

This week’s episode was produced by Yasmine Kashefi.


  1. Hi everyone!

    I have a question I was hoping any of you would be able to answer for me.

    What is your stance on “liking” or “following” a client’s competitor on Facebook and Twitter? Do you see it as a form of monitoring, or is it different because it’s a public display of liking the competing brand?

    I’m anxious to hear your perspectives!

    Sean (@InSeansOpinion)

    *Full disclosure: I work with Martin at energi PR*

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