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0:26 Martin opens the show.

1:53 Martin announces that they will not being talking about New Twitter this week because a more current topic came along.

2:09 Martin shares a listener comment from Barbara Nixon about last week’s show and how she’s encouraging her students to listen.

2:53 The second comment comes from Mia Salituro who writes a blog about networking. She shares some tips for students around building your personal brand.

3:57 The last comment comes from Martin’s colleague at Energi PR, Sean Bailey. Sean asks what Martin, Gini and Joe’s stance is on “liking” or “following” a client’s competitor on Facebook and Twitter? Is it a form of monitoring, or is it different because it’s a public display of liking the competing brand? Martin ties Sean’s question into the recent Netflix ethical breach.

5:22 Gini answers Sean’s question and shares her perspective on the matter and she, Martin and Joe discuss.

14:33 Martin says that he hates the term “pr stunt”.

14:42 Gini shares why she’s not a fan of the term either.

16:10 Gini talks about a recent chat she participated in that connected bloggers with PR professionals that could offer them advice. Gini dispelled the rumour that PR firms only pay attention to A-list bloggers. It’s the job of the PR professional to find bloggers who are influential in their specific community or niche.

23:11 Martin says that as communicators, it’s important to read a lot of blogs and a lot of different kinds of blogs.

27:45 Martin closes the show.

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This week’s episode was produced by Yasmine Kashefi.



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