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This week on Inside PR, Gini and Joe talk about monitoring comments and how that may effect the conversation.

0:29 Joe opens the show.

2:00 Joe talks about this week’s topic: comment moderation. It was inspired by Shel Holtz wondering if moderation is worthwhile?

2:52 Gini doesn’t agree that comments should be moderated. She tells us why.

6:00 Joe explains how self-promotion and the creation of a personality effects conversation.

6:50 Joe believes that his readers expect him to curate the comments on his blog for quality. He wonders how it can be done without moderation?

7:50 Gini doesn’t want to moderate comments and likes that readers engage in conversation with one another in the comments.

10:50 Joe says that comments are what a discussion is all about and they should be stimulated and tended to at times.

11:16 Joe addresses the municipal elections that took place in Ontario on Monday night and Twitter’s negative reaction to Toronto’s new mayor.

14:52 Joe quotes Dave Jones’ tweet and says that the popular opinion on social media networks isn’t necessarily representative of everyone.

15:11 Gini adds to this point by referencing the Gap logo scenario where there was uproar about their new logo online, but a survey showed that only 17% of their customers were actually aware of this logo change.

15:59 People on social media are very vocal but they’re not necessarily representative of the majority.

16:18 Joe closes the show.

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This week’s episode was produced by Yasmine Kashefi.

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