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This week on Inside PR, Martin and Joe talk about how the media landscape is changing online.

0:28 Martin opens the show.

1:54 Martin introduces an audio comment from long-time listener, Jody Koehler, founder of Coopr PR in the Netherlands. Jody comments on his own use of Twitter.

3:44 Joe agrees with Jody about the power of Twitter and how it transcends geography.

4:40 Joe encourages listeners to share both audio and video comments on the Inside PR Facebook Group.

5:15 Martin announces this week’s topic: further changes in the media landscape. He comments on how the Toronto Star is now including content from the NY Times.

7:30 Joe mentions The Globe and Mail’s recent revamp and how it ties in with what Jeff Jarvis is saying about publicness.

10:15 Joe adds that papers are taking steps to monetize content online.

12:00 Martin shares an observation from Matthew Ingram, the former community manager at the Globe and Mail.

13:00 Joe notes that newspapers are having the same problem as bloggers with articles posted online – the conversation is moving away from the source. Joe wonders about the implications this has on public relations.

15:03 Joe believes that if you want to deal with the media these days, it helps to follow reporters and have them follow you and be able to offer something of value.

19:00 Martin suggests discussing the future of publishing in a future episode.

19:30 Joe recommends checking out Jeff Jarvis’ recent video on Buzz Machine about publicness and how it will effect the future of newspapers.

20:35 Martin closes the show

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This week’s episode was produced by Yasmine Kashefi.

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