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This week on Inside PR, Martin, Gini and Joe discuss PR spam and the difference between community and engagement.

0:25 Martin opens the show.

0:48 Martin announces this week’s topic, based on a suggestion from Petya Georgieva about PR spam. Petya asks what is social media PR spam and how does it differ from press release spam?

1:59 Gini points out that we talk about how bad it is to pitch to people to journalist and bloggers we don’t have relationships with, but many professionals still do it. Why?

3:55 Joe feels that hand built lists should be used whenever possible, but that’s not always possible depending on circumstances.

5:12 Gini shares an example of an unsolicited pitch she received from a vice-president at a global agency.

6:15 Martin doesn’t see any harm in asking if someone wants to receive information first. It helps build relationships.

8:03 Joe really likes Martin’s approach.

9:15 Joe believes a lot of junior practitioners don’t realize a small number of quality hits is a success.

10:20 Martin shares an approach to media relations developed by one of the VPs at energi pr, Lindsay Peterson.

11:15 Martin asks Gini about audience is on her blog, Spin Sucks, who are really engaged.

12:38 Gini differentiates between engagement and community.

14:48 Joe commends Gini on how she’s brought together a community on her various social channels.

16:30 Martin closes the show.

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This week’s episode was produced by Yasmine Kashefi.


  1. Hi Gini, Joe and Martin,

    Thanks for your replies to my question and as well as for your tips on how to avoid sending PR spam. It was an interesting episode and I’m looking forward for the next one 🙂

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Joe, Martin, Gini and Petya,

    Thanks for this interesting discussion. It’s so good to hear my own view on how PR and free publicity works – ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT GREAT OCEAN!!!

    Good to listen to experts around the globe and thanks for the interesting blog Gini!

    Warm regards from The Netherlands,
    Marike Timmermans

  3. Ok, I’ve been an Inside PR lurker for a few months (mostly because I listen to the podcast when I’m driving) but hearing my name on the Dec 1 podcast (Type OO) as I drove to work this morning brought me out of the shadows, so good work Gini. : )

    I did want to add to Martin’s comments about sending an initial introduction email asking permission to send more information on your client. I do this all the time, and it is very successful. I use LinkedIn for a lot of media relations and it has been well received. I don’t use a media database. We build our lists by hand, and via relationships. When we find an article or blog post about something that would be a good fit for our client, I look them up on LinkedIn and reach out to them there with a brief note, and I offer to be a resource for them. When they accept, they are essentially providing me with their email – a great opt-in tool. (to Joe’s point about opting in)

    Thanks for all the great discussion over the months. i enjoy it thoroughly.


  1. Spam… a lot! »

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