This week, Gini Dietrich, Martin Waxman and Joseph Thornley talk about new social management tool Jugnoo, tablet computers, Facebook timelines for pages and a new feature in social media measurement tool Sysomos.

Last week we reported that Jugnoo, a new social media management console service had launched in open beta. We received a comment from Danny Brown telling us we pronounced it wrong. Oops. And Gini and I talk about when a service like Jugnoo should ask potential users to install a plug in or open access to a user’s Website data.

We also talk about the rapid adoption of tablets in the workplace. Two years ago, we considered our notebook computers to be the go-to mobile devices. Today, we each use a tablet computer. We wonder how long it will be before we will be able to reduce the number of devices. The limiting factor on this is the evolution of tablets to include both the hardware and software to support all the content creation we want to do.

Timelines for pages is being rolled out to all users at the end of the month. Gini is keen on timelines. She’s watched as content that she had long ago posted to the Arment Dietrich page had resurfaced. Old content becomes more accessible. Joe is skeptical of the value of timelines for small businesses. Many small businesses have limited resources to devote to social media. And it seems to him that corporate page owners will have to devote considerable energy and resources to keep their content fresh. And this may not be a priority for may businesses.

Finally, we talk about the integration of Google Analytics into Sysomos’ Heartbeat social media monitoring service. A nice addition that makes a good service better.

What do you think? Are we on the right track? Missing something? Do you have a different view?


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  1. Hey there guys,

    Thanks again for chatting about us, really appreciate it, and for the open feedback, too.

    Joe, that’s a fair point you raise about the install of the plugin, and whether it’s “too soon” after you sign up. It is definitely something we’ve had discussions about internally, and continue to do so (I’ve actually just moved over to a new role in Product to help these questions get answered).

    We did look at a 30-day “trial”, but the main reason we decided against that (for now) is that, due to the product being in beta, we need to know the pain points of every aspect of our platform for the user, from the very first contact, so we can improve these features.

    This includes activating the plugin on the business owner’s site, which will not only help us make the process smoother (which we’re currently working on), but also allow us to see which products are being used, which are superfluous, and everything in-between.

    It also allows users to give us feedback on where we can improve in the implementation. For instance, are users fine with giving up a little piece of real estate on their site (in this instance, the ad that’s part of the toolbar) in exchange for the complete toolset (which we’re adding to in mid-April)? Or would they prefer a premium version that allows them to white-label and remove ads?

    Questions like that can be answered through use of the plugin, and the rest of the tools that become available to you when you activate the plugin.

    With regards the access to your site’s information, this is just purely from an analytics point of view, and works the same way that you would allow access to Google Analytics, Feedburner, Wibiya and other similar services – hope that eases your mind on that! 🙂

    However, we know we can improve, and feedback like yours is hugely useful in ensuring we continue to have the types of product discussions we need to, to meet the needs of our users first and foremost.

    Thanks again, guys, appreciated!

  2. thornley Author

    Danny, I love the concept of Jugnoo. Sharing personal/corporate information with a third party is something that has become even more of an issue for me due to the rapidly evolving use of data policies of parties I have trusted – that includes Google as well as Facebook – and the accelerating trend to acquire and roll existing services into other larger companies (where is my data from PostRank, Gowalla, Posterous, Tweetdeck?!?!? With someone other than the party I first agreed to entrust it to.) So, for me, it’s a matter of having time to be sure that I trust a company – any company – before I trust them with my private data.

    Like I said, I love the concept of Jugnoo. And I hope you’ll keep developing it. It could be great.

  3. Hey guys,

    I’ve had this marked off to listen to from the other week, but just finally got around to it.
    Just wanted to say thanks so much for giving our new Sysomos Google Analytics integration a shout-out. We’re really proud of this latest feature and think that a lot of people are going to find it useful and hopefully learn something new about their brand from it.

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

  4. thornley Author

    Hi Sheldon, The praise for Sysomos is well earned. You’re doing a good job keeping the tool up to date. And we like to share this with the Inside PR community.


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