On this week’s Inside PR podcast, Martin Waxman, Gini Dietrich and Joseph Thornley tackle an issue raised by Gini in a post on Spin Sucks: disclosure by PR agencies of business interest in media relations pitches. Gini kicks off the conversation by asking the question, “Should media disclose every time they work with a PR person in preparing a story?” Martin tells a story of a lesson earned through experience and Joe argues that the real issue isn’t the activity of PR agencies, but the notion that PR agencies are attempting to influence objective news gatekeepers. And we go from there.

Also this week, Martin also recommends that PR practitioners should take a close look at Google’s recent Hummingbird search algorithm changes.

Finally, in this episode, we talk about taking Inside PR on the road. We’ll be covering MeshMarketing which takes place in Toronto on November 7. If you are a marketer near or in Toronto, this is a conference well worth attending. You can find details on the schedule and registration here.


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  1. Darryl Robinson-Keys

    As one who has no PR background, I managed to miss the Putin/Ketchum controversy, you forced/encouraged me to review that. Joe’s stance that the entity that controls the post, whether it be a blog publisher, or media outlet, is responsible for transparency, makes good sense.
    The fact that Ketchum is garnishing controversary at this stage, with their Putin Op-Ed is interesting considering they appear to have a reasonably lengthy client relationship with him prior to 2007 when they lobbyed Time Magazine to make Putin person of the year.
    As for Hummingbird and it’s “and or” questions, not to mention the analytic impacts, will be interesting to observe and explore.
    I have my meshmarketing e–ticket somewhere in an email, thank you Martin for the promo discount code.
    Thank you all for the podcast.

    I will be working my backwards through your podcasts over time..


  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Darryl. I’ll be interested to hear what you think about Google’s new algorithm once you have a chance to try it. Maybe it could be a blog post for you :). And welcome to Inside PR!

  3. I have been convalescing so have only just got round to listening to podcast 3.48. I thought it very thought-provoking and one of your best. Transparency and Disclosure in Media Relations was a brilliant piece and I will certainly encourage my team to listen. Wonderful stuff!

    Thank you

    Laurie (Laurence)

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