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This week on Inside PR, Dave Jones, Martin Waxman and Julie Rusciolelli discuss when to and how to fire a client and welcome a comment from Joseph Thornley, continuing the ethics discussion.

Keith McArthur and Terry Fallis were unable to join the IPR gang this evening.

Show Notes

00:34 Dave introduces the show

01:35 Joseph Thornley leaves a comment discussing the low repute of PR practitioners and PR ethics.

03:56 Martin references The Sweet Smell of Success

04:10 Julie introduces the topic of Firing a Client

04:40 Julie goes over the four warning signs that you may have to fire your client:

1. Chemistry has gone flat 2. Unreasonable demands 3. ROI 4. Abusive Behavior

The IPR Panel discusses their experiences relating to firing clients

27:27 Dave asks the question: “How do you fire a client?”

28:43 Martin Mentions the word compunction

31:00 Dave concludes the show

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This week’s episode of Inside PR was produced by Samantha Lovelace.


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