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This week on Inside PR Terry Fallis and Martin Waxman discuss the topic of Word of Mouth, suggested by Bob Crawshaw of Maine Steet Marketing.

Show Notes

00:27 Terry opens the show.

2:24 Housekeeping: Terry introduces the first of two comments.
Brent Kinnaird at the Hamilton Port Authority left a comment about Inside PR # 129 not being up.
*Inside PR #129, is currently only available on some computers, but, for subscribers, is still available on Itunes. We are looking into it.*

5:16 Terry introduces the second comment from Bob Crawshaw of Maine Steet Marketing, who suggests that Inside PR discuss Word of Mouth (WOM).

10:06 Terry mentions WOM expert Sean Moffitt who runs Agent Wildfire.

10:33 Martin talks about WOM.

11:03 Terry talks about WOM.

11:56 Terry reads from Agent Wildfire’s website.

12:49 Terry mentions research on trust and gives the example of the Edelman Trust Barometer.

14:05 Martin talks about WOM in terms of Social Networking sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

17:41 Martin mentions that anyone who is interested in WOM should read Malcolm Gladwell‘s book, The Tipping Point.

22:50 Terry mentions Sean Moffitt’s involment with WOMMA and his blog Buzz Canuck.

23:45 Terry closes the show.

Our theme music is Streetwalker by Cjacks and is courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network; Roger Dey is our announcer.

This week’s episode was produced by Janna Guberman.


  1. Terry, David, Julie, and Martin:

    I, too, was deprived of the pleasure of IPR 129 until yesterday. I subscribe to the show with Juice, and noticed that not only was that episode late, it suffered from the lack of ID3 tags that has otherwise finally been fixed. (And the tags were fine on IPR 130.)

    Congratulations to Martin and Julie on a great show. I don’t run an agency, but I found those warning signs familiar. Some of us are just not meant to be employees.

    I’d hate to have Terry & David voted off the island, though. 😉


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