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This week on Inside PR, Martin, Gini and Joe discuss the top trends in 2010 in part one of a two part episode.

0:26 Martin opens the show.

0:57 Martin announces this week’s topic: a look at trends in 2010.

1:36 Martin shares some listener comments. The first comes from Lisa Gerber.

2:35 The second comments comes from Marike Timmermans, who thanks Martin, Gini and Joe for sharing their perspectives on pitching to the media and “PR spam”.

6:30 Joe brings up a “trend” that never caught on – 3D TVs.

8:30 Joe talks about a trend that particularly stood out to him – the emergence of tablets and the evolution of cellphones and mobile media devices.

9:42 Martin notes that he’s not a Mac or Apple person, but he picked up an iPad and felt like it was something that worked.

10:20 Gini’s husband, who was resistant to the idea of an iPad at first, eventually saw the value in one.

11:15 Joe brings up another trend for 2010: content that is fluid across all devices.

11:30 Gini has seen a big shift toward the clients with respect to web content and materials for many businesses.

12:40 Martin agrees and says it’s reminiscent of an older approach to customer service.

14:02 Martin shares a trend he’s noticed: the number of people embracing social networks. He mentions how the Library of Congress is set to acquire Twitter’s entire archive.

17:11 Martin closes the show and notes that they’ll carry on the discussion in next week’s episode.

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This week’s episode was produced by Yasmine Kashefi.


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