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This week on Inside PR, Martin, Gini and Joe discuss the HR aspect of managing an agency and giving references.

0:27 Martin opens the show.

1:13 Martin shares this week’s topic, HR and hiring from the perspective of an agency owner.

2:37 Gini shares her perspective on giving references.

4:58 Joe weighs in and explains why it can be complicated to give references.

6:55 Gini wonders if a friend at different agency knows she is hiring someone who isn’t a good fit for her agency, should they say anything?

8:43 Martin says there is a real fine line between what can be said and what can’t.

10:47 Joe would not say anything negative about anyone.

12:30 Gini shares how her agency approaches references.

13:57 Joe highlights the legal limitations on giving references.

16:15 Martin mentions that when it is time for someone to leave, he always hopes it is on good terms as he hates the notion of the door being slammed shut.

17:05 Joe talks about how references are not as important as accomplishments are with people who have been at one particular company or agency for a long period of time.

17:25 Joe looks at someone’s ability to stick with something for a long time more than references.

20:30 Joe asks listeners what their take is on the situation as an employee.

21:05 Martin also wonders how listeners approach job seekers who ask about a place they used to work at.

21:18 Martin closes the show.

Our theme music was created by Damon de SzegheoRoger Dey is our announcer.

This week’s episode was produced by Yasmine Kashefi.


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