It’s the last episode of 2014 and we couldn’t let the year end without giving you our public relations predictions for 2015.

Before we get to those predictions, though, Joe talks about a few changes at Google, including updates to the Customer Journey to Online Purchase. For communicators, this is pretty interesting to check out because it helps you determine how a customer might make a purchase decision and how you can help them along through the process. No longer do you have to guess at the types of content that will help them make a decision.

The trends we discuss are:

  • The continual integration of PESO (paid, earned, shared, and owned media);
  • Return of big ideas a la West Jet Holiday Miracle; and
  • The quest for scale, both for organizations and for content.

Of course, we talk about why we’ve chosen each of these and what they mean for the industry. They also all seem to intertwine with one another, which was not planned. We didn’t discuss beforehand which trend we had each chosen. Serendipity!

And, before you begin your holiday cheer, please join us in making fun of Martin Waxman for always saying, “At triple W insidepr dot C A” instead of just “insidepr dot CA.”

Happy Holidays to all of you! We wish you a great start to 2015 and look forward to hanging out in your ears for another year.

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  1. Thanks for the top on the updated Google customer journey tool. Very handy.

    Can’t argue with your trends. Though I’d suggest these aren’t emerging as much as they have continued to be a part of what the industry deals with.

    The thing I found to be on trend was Joe’s note that his firm is bringing integrated digital storytelling to his clients vs media relations as the focus.

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