We’re trying something new starting this week. Rather than give you the time sections of the podcast, we’re taking a cue from NPR and writing an accompanying blog post with each podcast.

So here we are…on our 39th (can that be right??) episode of Inside PR. This week we answer a bunch of questions from our listeners and we touch on the crisis in Egypt.

Shel Holtz sends in an audio question (we love him!) and Guy Skipworth asks about former employees having online relationships with your clients after they leave your agency. You can listen to our discussion about both in the podcast.

Long-time listener Danny Starr says,

“Just catching up on old episodes and the discussion on “making” viral video was really good. One thing that I think needs to be pointed out about viral video is that you never know what’s going to hit it big… and while there are things you can do like capture something funny or unexpected in the footage, I think that anyone setting out to achieve the result of having a video go viral – and we need to be clear that viral is a result, not really a strategy – needs to be putting up many different things.”

The thing is, Danny, we agree with you. In fact, at Arment Dietrich, when we get a call about making a viral video, we always joke internally that we’ll create the video the client wants and then have two guys kicking each other in the nuts so it does go viral. Not really a strategy, but we’re certain it would work! And yes, I say “nuts” in the recording.

And, while we don’t spend much time talking about what’s going on in Egypt, we do ask (and answer) an important question, “Is Internet use a human right?

Hope you enjoy this week’s Inside PR!

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  1. Hi Gini, Martin and Joe: Great show this week. Got me thinking about another area of recommendations on LinkedIn for organizations.
    This is under the Products and Services tab on your organization’s LinkedIn company listing.

    LinkedIn describes the opportunity as follows:

    “Leverage your customer network to get the word out about your products in the most trusted, credible way. Add your products or services to LinkedIn to attract, showcase and curate recommendation from your clients and customers.”

    Do you find you have similar issues on the truthfulness of these recommendations?

    You can see an example of how it works by looking up LinkedIn or Microsoft in the company search field on LinkedIn.com.



  2. liz

    Hi guys,
    Although my speakers are broken and I did not have a chance to listen to the podcast, I was thinking about the situation in Egypt and had some thoughts on the subject. To use the internet is a human right, as of now. It is just as human as being able to find, analyze and think about information, its just as human as being educated and staying in touch with the rest of the world.
    The internet is a way for us to communicate, obtain information, to create, and think. We do not ban books( for the most part ), we do not limit peoples ability to research (again, for the most part) and people should not be denied the most basic methods of accomplishing these tasks. If this is banned (like free speech in certain parts of the world) the speech will get to the public one way or another, despite limitations put out, the internet is the same, if there is a ban there might be “underground internet” out there. Very forceful government regulation will fail ultimately at suppressing mass movement and the masses use the internet.

  3. Great question, Victoria! Can even lead to the bigger conversation about reviews on sites such as Yelp and Amazon, as well as astroturfing and paid placed reviews.

    Stay tuned!


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